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Case Studies


Founded by ALS patient Brian Wallach and his wife, Sandra Abrevaya, I AM ALS is revolutionizing how we cure ALS by empowering and mobilizing patients, engaging with policy-makers and offering vital resources for people impacted by ALS.

DocuFilms, along with marketing leader William Charnock, created a campaign to tell the stories of those affected by ALS. Its goal is to create awareness and actions that will find treatments and a cure.  


On February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Reports declared it the largest conventional warfare operation in Europe since WW II. International humanitarian aid began immediately to assist refugees pouring into neighboring countries. GoDocs on the ground now.


DocuFilms sent a journalist to film GoDocs volunteers on the front as they bravely assist the Ukrainian soldiers and people in their struggle. 

godocs_'defender_130' (1080p).png

The Tree House believes that grief is a personal journey and that each person deserves the opportunity to grieve in a supportive, accepting environment. Their mission is to create a safe and caring environment where both adult and child receive the special attention and support needed to move through the pain of grief toward hope and healing.


The BIG little Project is an exciting new collaboration with photographer Gabriella Marks and creative director Robert Nachman. It captures the joyful and essential role grown-ups play in helping kids develop healthy relationships with food.


The African Education Foundation (“AEF”) is dedicated to the improvement of health and education in West Africa.


DocuFilms produced a short film to showcase how AEF focuses primarily on the construction of schools, health clinics, libraries, and other learning centers, as well as developing and maintaining clean water supplies.


Jansen provides compassionate care and unparalleled services to patients who wish to live in the comfortable surroundings of their own home, among family and friends, with peace and dignity.


Preserving identity while increasing safety for all.

DocuFilms created a video and website that celebrates Madrid's unique history, cultural contributions to New Mexico.


DocuFilms funded the production of two films for Memel.Global, directed by South African Pieter Lombaard, founder of Binary Films. 


Memel.Global provides suitable housing for families and the elderly, while supporting health, primary education, sports, and the arts. SheWins focuses on empowering women and girls to transform their community and meet social needs.


From its grassroots beginnings in 1970, Earth Day has blossomed into a global tradition. But in recent years the day had lost its luster. On its 40th anniversary our job was to add new life into its vital movement to save our planet. 


Our mission was to make Earth Day fun and exciting to a new green generation and to address the most pressing environmental concerns, such as the global freshwater crisis and global warming.


The campaign invited everyone in NYC (and the world), to personally commit to the EDAY mission by proudly declaring “I Am E’. 

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