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Speak to people’s minds and you’ll shift their attention for the span of a single decision.
Speak to their hearts, and you’ll shift their intention for a lifetime.
Behind the Scenes

Docufilms is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) video production and strategic marketing firm that produces documentary films for nonprofit organizations. Depending on the needs of the organization and scope of the project, the films are produced at cost or pro bono. Creatively driven, our compelling films have the heart and soul needed to motivate donors and supporters to positively change the world.


Our ability to tap into emotions consumers aren’t even aware and create deep relationships of has paved the way for compelling and fulfilling brand experiences for brands like Apple, Dominos Pizza, DTC/De Beers, Duracell, FedEx, FilmDistrict, Frito-Lay, Guggenheim Partners, HBO, Merrill Lynch, NYSE, Novell, Pepsi, Visa, Smirnoff, Sony Pictures, and Unilever.


Today, we focus on cause–related creative executions that open closed minds, correct misconceptions and help those in need. By encouraging healthy and informed dialogue in today’s troubled world, we create strong bonds between a non-profit organization and their community.


The undeniable power of video.

Well scripted and produced videos can take your donors on a journey inside your organization. Granting them the experience through captivating real-life stories.

  • On average, 6 billion nonprofit videos are viewed annually

  • 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation.

  • 68% of nonprofit video watchers view similar videos within 30 days.

  • 29% of online donors say that social media is the communication tool that most inspires them to give [email 27%, website, 18%, print, 12%, TV ad 6%]

  • 71% of nonprofits worldwide agree that social media is effective for online fundraising


Awareness videos let you educate your donors and supporters about important topics that matter to you. They help donors understand what exactly your organization does and why they should care. And establishes your organization as a trusted authority.


Tactical videos are the doorway to the stories behind your fundraising campaign. They help people embrace and invest in your specific goal.

Quality is everything.

Your video has to not only be true to who you are but express the integrity of your organization. In a world where anyone with a smart phone can make a video, you need professional, strategic execution to rise above and make memorable impressions.

Creativity based on a smart strategy is a prerequisite. A professionally produced video can still miss the mark and not connect with donors if your vision is overwhelmed by a creative execution not based in your core values.


Well produced videos can go viral. Within just a few moments, image, sound and captivating real-life stories can transport viewers into the true heart of your organization.

Videos created with quality, integrity and vision can help your nonprofit reach a wider audience and strengthen its impact in your community. That’s your goal and our mission.

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